A Shopping Centre of its day!

Our History – A Shopping Centre of its day!

The former Coles Variety Store and attached retail shops, built in 1937, designed by noted architect Harry Norris, are of Local architectural and historic significance.

The former Coles building is a notable example of the Moderne style. The facade is an interesting asymmetrical moderne composition displaying an influence of European modernism. The grided area, originally black (possibly tiled), is especially interesting. The shopfront, with its black tiling, curved glass, and terrazzo flooring, is a particularly notable example from the 1930s. The interior, with its decorated curved plaster ceiling and highlight windows, is notable, and is a relatively rare surviving interwar retail interior.

The complex as a whole was interesting for its size, variety of uses, and architectural unity. With the market hall, Coles, shops, and offices and function venue above, this was almost a shopping centre of its day. The street facades of the two storey sections are complementary to those of the Coles building, but are in a more typical, yet noteworthy, streamlined moderne style.

The remnants of the former cinema and market hall are significant as evidence of one of the early cinemas to operate in Melbourne, and of an early multi-purpose entertainment structure typical of the 1910s and 1920s in St Kilda, and also of one of only a handful of historic market halls remaining in Melbourne.

A New Era – A Shopping Centre for today!

Those who know St Kilda, know that its tapestry is rich in culture, community spirit and culinary delights. However, few are aware that the building structure was once a bustling fresh produce oasis located beside the iconic Village Belle Market. Loved for its abundance in contemporary products and fine food, this establishment became one of the busiest shopping centres in Melbourne in the mid 1930’s.

Inspired by this historical gem and its Bohemian surrounds,
we have returned this centre to its roots – harnessing the vibrancy and quality of its original glory whilst adopting a contemporary aesthetic and a suite of artisan offerings. In addition to its diverse range of fine food, Acland Court will provide locals with secure and ticket-less undercover parking.

Welcome one and all to Acland Court – where your local fine food vendors will turn the toil of the weekend grocery shop into a rare treat!